The old city of Ahmedabad is famous for its heritage houses in pols (closed neighbourhoods) which showcase the intricate wood carving of those times. This ancient art of wood carving was used in Gujarat to make beautiful motifs on the doors, balconies, windows, and brackets of the houses.

Today Ahmedabad has a large community of wood carvers, who make wood furniture, shelves, idols, doors, windows with teak wood. The design is made by a head artisan, other artisans trace the design with stencils on the wooden plants. Then the carving and engraving is done by chiseling and chipping away the wood. Measuring tools like rulers and dividers are used along with hammer and nails by the carpenters to assemble the wood pieces into the required item. Polishing and varnishing is done to give the finishing touch to the item.

Production Clusters: Ahmedabad, Barejadi

Products: Doors, Windows, Furniture, Cupboards, Shelves, Sculpture, Idols, Miniature temple, Chariot

Tools: Scissors, Right Angle, Screwdriver, files, carving tools, drawing tools, tools to carve circular shapes, planers, mallets.