Moonj and Rara grass grow wild in the wastelands of Allahabad and its surrounding areas. Rural women coil these grass spilts to make baskets, mats, trays, containers etc, where its mostly a domestic craft. Mothers teach their daughters how to coil a basket and gift special baskets and moonj craft items as dowry to their daughters. In the city of Allahabad, women make living by selling moonj craft items.

The grass is cut during the winter and the peel of the stalks is left out in dew for days to lighten its color. Many spilts are dyed in bright color and binding is done these days with plastic strips, tinsel or cloth.

Production Cluster: Allahabad district, Gorakhpur district, Behraich district

Products: Bread basket, Vanity case, Placemats, Trays, Baskets

Tools: Knife, Iron, Awl